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How i package products

Whenever possible, I opt for reusing packaging materials to contribute to environmental conservation. Additionally, I prioritize the use of eco-friendly packaging whenever it's feasible.

Wondering about how to package a handmade card?

Don't worry! It will come to you

in a decorative box with


Untitled design (7)_edited.jpg


If you opt for a card in an envelope, it will arrive beautifully packaged in an envelope adorned with a ribbon or string.

Untitled (4 × 6 in) (3)_edited.jpg

I want the person ordering my handcrafted work to feel special!

That's why the shipment will come beautifully wrapped like a gift!

Untitled (4 × 6 in) (2)_edited.jpg

Will you be collecting your order in person? Wonderful!

I'll prepare it for you in a charming

bag with the item you've chosen, making it ready for immediate gifting!

And if you've been charmed by the exploding box card and want to give it to someone special, don't worry either!

I'll pack it in an elegant transparent cellophane wrap, all you need to do is gift the entire package to that special person!

Untitled (4 × 6 in) (1)_edited.jpg
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